A5 CAR Exterior COMPLETE Audi A5 Sportback Tutorial Autodesk Alias

by Graham Bullock B.Ed. Design and Tech

0-Audi A5 Sportback- Generic Conceptual Model (above) model/renderings from David Torres

David Torres is a LearningAlias Old Boy and currently a Project Leader with Audi Design Munich
(Advanced students take-on the 2012 face-lift as their final project with LearninAlias).
Build Order. Audi A5 Sportback (phase-1 model)
Welcome to our current tutorial project the Audi A5 Sportback 2009.
[Click here for Introduction to Audi A5 Model
-Building the Roof Surface
-Building the Front Screen 1 & 2
-Building the Apex-less Hood
-Front (grill) panel
-Headlamp Area phase-1
-Grille Aperture + Offset Backing Surf.
-Side Glass Aperture Theoretical Surf. Virtual Sheet Metal
-Cant -Rail
-Shoulder. Creating the Shoulder
-Rear Deck Curve
-(Rear Deck Surf-1. Tutorial under construction)
-C Pillar
-Body Side Surf.
-Fender Front
-Fender Rear
-Rocker Panel
-Bumper Rear
-Apron Rear
-Rear Panel
-(Spoiler rear. Tutorial under construction)
-Apron Front
-RS4 Wheel
NB: The following are included in the Phase - 2. and Phase 3. models and will be added to the site:
-Selected Parting Lines
-Door Handle Depressions
-Various Trim and Grills
-Licenses Plate Housing Details
-Lamp Details
-Air Intake Details
-Front Spoiler
This is a WIP .
The student has completed the Phase 1 model of 3 and has begun to tackle some of the intricate surface detail of Satoshi Wada's extremely demanding design

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